About Gene's

Gene Myers started towing vehicles with one truck in 1961. Today Gene’s boasts one of the largest, most diverse towing and recovery fleets in Washington. The iconic red and white Gene’s Towing signs are as much a part of the vehicular landscape as the road itself.

The changing public and commercial needs have sparked corresponding growth in Gene's services over the years. From four locations, our highly specialized company is capable of towing any piece of moving equipment on the road today.

If you are new to Tacoma and our 50 year service record doesn't impress you,  here are five more reasons to use Gene's Towing for all your transportation needs:

1. Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

2. Prompt Service – downtime costs money and our speed saves your wallet.

3. Trained for the Task – Gene's drivers are clean, courteous and certified.

4. Quality Equipment and Facilities – our equipment and security-armed yards are a cut above the rest.

5. 24-hour In-house Dispatch