Towing Service Tacoma
At Gene’s Towing we strive to provide our customers with the most positive towing experience.tow-trucks-tacoma All of our drivers are trained to handle any situation, big or small, we can help safely tow you to your destination. We are a family owned company that believes in helping others, so you won’t find any hidden fees with us. Our prices and services are guaranteed and won’t change unexpectedly. Our fleet includes light, medium and heavy duty tow trucks in order to safely and effectively help our customers out of any situation. We know that most scenarios where a tow truck is needed is generally not an ideal situation to be in. That is why our team tries to make our response time as quick as possible. Our friendly dispatchers will answer your call and immediately send a driver to your destination. 30 minutes is our targeted response time and under normal circumstances we can achieve this. When you need a quick, safe and reliable towing company, call Gene’s Towing.

Extended Towing Services

Reaching farther and helping more people is what we aim to do day after day, year after year. Genes Classic Zoom For over 63 years we have been providing premier roadside support. Even though Gene’s Towing is centered around the greater Tacoma area we provide services in Lakewood, Puyallup, Federal Way and Auburn. We even offer long distance transport towing to the Canadian border and down into Oregon. We want to help as many people as we can, not just the people that are near us. When you’re in need of a towing service, you want a trustworthy and experienced company that will help you get back on your way as quickly as possible. Gene’s Towing is that company. Whether you need roadside assistance, transportation or heavy duty towing our full fleet is standing by ready to assist you. Residents in the Tacoma area rely on Gene’s Towing to get them out of a tough spot.

Why Call Gene’s Towing
All of our staff, vehicles and equipment is licensed, bonded and insured for towing and transport services.
Which means you’re working with a reliable company that follows a strict conduct in the way we operate.Wasted time costs you and us more money. To avoid this we strive for prompt and effective towing and roadside assistance.
All of our staff are trained and experienced, allowing them to perform services quickly and efficiently.All of our drivers are certified, organized courteous. We run background checks, ensure they all have clean driving records and verifiable employment history.
We want to be the company you can trust for any of your towing needs.We stay up to date with all of our equipment so there is no concern of faulty machinery.
And we only use secure storage facilities so you can rest easy knowing that your car, truck, boat or other vehicles are safe.Accidents don’t wait for convenient times, they happen on holidays, in the middle of the night or in the middle of nowhere.
That is why we offer 24 hour in-house towing dispatch. Never be left stranded again.