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Perplexed about recent tow.

I called as my car broke down on the freeway and was told by the woman who I spoke to that there was no one available until about 8:00 in the morning. I called her back because I couldn’t find anybody else and was setting up a time for the morning when a State trooper came along and was so rude to me he made me cry the woman heard all of this and told me that she would do everything she could to get someone there sooner I really appreciate that however around 3:14 in the morning I received a call from a tow truck driver who said he was 10 minutes away he got there in about 10 minutes and told me that my service animal was not allowed in the cab that it was company policy I didn’t actually believe that could be true because I can take my dog into a federal building on a Metro bus into a store I don’t get charged at my apartment etc but I let it go and my poor dog had to ride in the back in the car by herself. We got to my house which was about 14 miles from where we were at 3:47 in the morning I was told that your company charged $145 an hour but he charged me $305.50 even though it only took a half an hour I asked him why the charge was so high and he told me that he charges from the moment he leaves wherever he’s at again I did not believe this and was pretty certain that the charge would not start until he got to me I’m not exactly sure what all that was about but I would really like to get someone to explain it to me because if I cannot be shown a company policy telling me that no dogs can ride in the cab even service animals and that you allow your drivers to charge whatever they want to and say that it’s because they charge from where they leave then I’ll be okay but I believe that he told me a lie ripped me off and I’m not very happy about it I’m going to send proof of time so that you can see it was only 30 minutes and I hope to hear back from somebody soon because I’m going to not only write the better Business bureau but the state patrol and anyone else who I believe can help me with this issue I can be reached at 360-932-9487 or at I am really looking forward to an explanation
Sincerely, Renee Boettger

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Perplexed about recent tow.

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