Call the main dispatch phone 253-588-1757 to locate your vehicle and arrange redemption.

Where is My Car?
Your vehicle will usually be found at the nearest Genes Towing location from where your vehicle was towed. Call the main dispatch phone 253-588-1757 to find your car.

Lakewood (253) 588-1757
9212 So. Tacoma Way Lakewood, WA. 98499

Tacoma (253) 272-8633
1022 So. 30th Street Tacoma, WA. 98409

Puyallup (253) 845-0130
1120 East Main Ave Puyallup, WA. 98371

Federal Way (253) 941-9948
1928 So 344th St Federal Way, WA. 98003

What Does It Cost To Retrieve My Vehicle?
If your vehicle was impounded within the last 48 hours, please allow $375 or more to pick it up during business hours.
The impound fees are in accordance with those authorized by the Washington State Patrol.
There is a daily storage rate for impounded vehicles.
After the hours of 5pm to 8am Monday to Friday or any holiday, there is an additional after hours release fee over and above the hourly impound and daily storage fees.

How Do I Get My Car Or Personal Belongings?
Redemption procedures are in strict accordance with RCW Title 46.55.120.
You must be the LEGAL owner, the REGISTERED owner, or INSURER of said vehicle.
You must have government issued photo identification. ID must be current within 90 days.
If you are redeeming a vehicle and do not have a current (valid) driver’s license, you will still be required to provide picture ID. Should you not have your driver’s license with you or your driver’s license is no longer valid, please be advised that you must provide a “licensed” driver to remove your vehicle from any of our impound lots.
Only loose personal belongings may be removed from an impounded vehicle.
All vehicles placed on hold by a police department, will require a court release before you can get your car.
You must pay with cash, credit card, or bank verified check.

What If I Am Not The Registered or Legal Owner?
Bring the Registered or Legal owner or:
Bring an original notarized letter signed by the vehicle owner stating that you are their authorized agent allowed to pick-up their vehicle or property. Government issued photo ID required.

Can I Redeem A Car With A Bill Of Sale?
A bill-of-sale does not constitute proof of ownership in Washington State, and therefore cannot be used to redeem an impounded vehicle.
You must go to a licensing agent and transfer the vehicles’ registration into your name before attempting to redeem the vehicle.