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Heavy Duty Towing Federal Way

Heavy-Duty Fleet

Heavy Duty Towing Federal WayAt Gene’s Towing we’ve seen everything; from a trailer full of apples weighing about 60,000 pounds tipped over, to a car submerged in an apartment swimming pool. Having been in business since 1961, we have years of experience towing and recovering all sorts of vehicles and equipment. For this reason, we maintain a large and versatile fleet of tow trucks to handle every towing situation that comes our way. Our fleet includes flatbeds, lowboys, and heavy-duty tow trucks. Residents in Federal Way rely on our team year after year for 24-hour emergency rescue, roadside assistance, and commercial towing services. Whatever the situation is, we are confident that we can handle it.

Professional Heavy-Duty Towing

Heavy-duty towing is very different from light-duty towing. To successfully move heavy equipment and vehicles, you need the right training and experience. Our drivers are specialists who receive intensive training in proper technique, safety, and regulatory procedures. There are many requirements and precautions involved when working with these kinds of vehicles and equipment. Because they are used to handle such large jobs, there needs to be a large amount of care and attention when operating them. It takes a very trained and experienced driver to manage these kinds of jobs without damaging the vehicles or equipment further. That’s why people trust Gene’s Towing; our company has towing experience since 1961.

Reasons For Heavy-Duty Towing

Heavy Equipment Towing Federal WayThere are many reasons that heavy-duty towing is required and some that aren’t very common but still definitely require the use of heavy-duty tow trucks. The most common cause is car accidents. Whether it’s pulling a car out of a ditch, getting a tipped over semi-truck back upright, or rescuing and relocating construction equipment, Gene’s Towing is there to help. With the right equipment, proper training, and years of experience, our drivers know how to handle every situation professionally and effectively.

Other, less common reasons for heavy-duty towing include pulling trucks and trailers out of the water, horse recovery and moving an 11,000-pound fitting back to the docks. Even though these aren’t everyday occurrences, Gene’s Towing is always there to assist. Often working with the local police and fire departments during accidents and recoveries, our team is known and trusted in the Federal Way area. Whatever the reason is, our team is here to help.

Benefits of Gene’s Towing

Trying to decide on the right company for heavy-duty towing in Federal Way can be a challenge. But at Gene’s Towing we have 63 years of experience handling all sorts of towing situations. Our versatile fleet is capable of handling heavy equipment and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. And that’s why Gene’s Towing is the best option for heavy-duty towing in Federal Way. Gene’s Towing of Tacoma, Lakewood, Puyallup, Federal Way, and Auburn is well known for providing safe, reliable towing services at affordable rates in the Pierce and King County area. We can usually tow your vehicle upon arrival in the Tacoma and Auburn area within 30 minutes. Although we specialize in the greater Tacoma area, we offer long-distance towing for the transport of vehicles to the Canadian Border and down into Oregon. We also provide towing services to Gig Harbor and University Place. When you need heavy-duty towing don’t hesitate to give us a call, our fleet is standing by ready to help you!