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Roadside Assistance Lakewood

Reasons For Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance LakewoodCar problems are probably at the top of the list of people’s least favorite things. When something goes wrong with your car, it can ruin your whole day. Especially when it happens in the middle of nowhere at a very inconvenient time. But for these exact situations, Gene’s Towing provides 24-hour roadside assistance and emergency towing. Lakewood residents can relax knowing that a technician will arrive quickly to help them get back on the road. Many common issues require roadside assistance, and we are here to help for all of them.

  • Flat Tires
  • Dead Battery
  • Engine Failure

  • Lock Outs
  • Empty Fuel
  • Winch Outs

Our drivers always go the extra step to help each of our customers. If you need to be towed somewhere, our friendly and professional drivers are happy to give you a ride. If you have pets with you, we are glad to have them ride along as well. Our team has years of experience, having been in business since 1961. Our goal is to provide affordable and reliable roadside assistance to all Lakewood residents.

Roadside Assistance Process

When something goes wrong with your car, and you need roadside assistance, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure the smoothest possible process. No matter what happened; your tire blew out, ran out of gas or your car died if you’re on the road pull off to the right side as much as you can. Then try to identify anything that will help the Gene’s Towing drivers find your location. Lakewood Roadside HelpLook for landmarks, street names, or mile markers. The more information you can provide our dispatchers, the easier and quicker the process will be.

After you have identified where you are, try to assess your situation. Giving the dispatchers a good idea of what is wrong with your car will help the drivers be even more prepared for when they arrive. After you’ve called Gene’s Towing and a driver is on the way, make sure your hazard lights are flashing and stay in your vehicle. It can be dangerous to wait on the side of the road, especially at night time. While you are waiting for the driver to arrive, take this time to gather all your essential belongings, paperwork, and identification. If your car has to be towed you want to have all your necessities with you. When circumstances are right, our drivers can usually be on the scene and assisting you within 30 minutes.

Gene’s Roadside Assistance

Gene’s Towing has been helping Lakewood residents since 1961. With our extensive and versatile fleet, our team can assist in any situation, big or small. We have and operate light, medium and heavy-duty tow trucks, lowboys, drop deck trailers, and flatbeds. All of our equipment is up to date and receives regular preventative maintenance to keep everything working how it should. Safety is of significant importance to us, and that is why all of our equipment and vehicles receive frequent safety inspections, protecting you, your assets, and our team. All of our staff are friendly and professional, and they have all passed driving and security background checks. Gene’s Towing works with the best to provide the best. You deserve more than sub-par towing services. Call Gene’s Towing, and we’ll take special care of you and your vehicle.