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Come with me to stop these people who want to rip off the world

For one this tow company is a cold and unable to do anything for the people who are in need of help and or to be able to make a good life choice of things there are some big things going on and I am surely sueing this company for towing my truck that was hooked up to my RV my home with a lock in as I went to work because of my starter was out I had to go get another on my way back to my house rv. The.cops of tacoma towed it was hooked up to a tow truck and both truck and 32 foot 5th.wheel travel trailer towed together after they get to the lot they unhooked and then allows the trailer to smash the truck bed and damaged the trailer and theft and damage to the truck and trailer both and treat my property as if I can do nothing well I am and if you want to get involved with me sueing this would be.
awesome my email is.

And phone number for me is 253 517-0087


Jon kalista

Perplexed about recent tow.

I called as my car broke down on the freeway and was told by the woman who I spoke to that there was no one available until about 8:00 in the morning. I called her back because I couldn’t find anybody else and was setting up a time for the morning when a State trooper came along and was so rude to me he made me cry the woman heard all of this and told me that she would do everything she could to get someone there sooner I really appreciate that however around 3:14 in the morning I received a call from a tow truck driver who said he was 10 minutes away he got there in about 10 minutes and told me that my service animal was not allowed in the cab that it was company policy I didn’t actually believe that could be true because I can take my dog into a federal building on a Metro bus into a store I don’t get charged at my apartment etc but I let it go and my poor dog had to ride in the back in the car by herself. We got to my house which was about 14 miles from where we were at 3:47 in the morning I was told that your company charged $145 an hour but he charged me $305.50 even though it only took a half an hour I asked him why the charge was so high and he told me that he charges from the moment he leaves wherever he’s at again I did not believe this and was pretty certain that the charge would not start until he got to me I’m not exactly sure what all that was about but I would really like to get someone to explain it to me because if I cannot be shown a company policy telling me that no dogs can ride in the cab even service animals and that you allow your drivers to charge whatever they want to and say that it’s because they charge from where they leave then I’ll be okay but I believe that he told me a lie ripped me off and I’m not very happy about it I’m going to send proof of time so that you can see it was only 30 minutes and I hope to hear back from somebody soon because I’m going to not only write the better Business bureau but the state patrol and anyone else who I believe can help me with this issue I can be reached at 360-932-9487 or at Ballardgirl1165@gmail.com. I am really looking forward to an explanation
Sincerely, Renee Boettger

Renee Boettger

Keep your valuables away from these people.

My car was towed and impounded at Gene’s towing. It was towed from police impound which makes it even more likely that they are responsible for over $5000 of my possessions vanishing while in their care.

John Turner

Nothing but thieves

Your service sucks. The driver who towed my 5th wheel broke in went through my belongings stole what he wanted. Now I’m getting the run around on who to talk to. I’m about to take legal action if my belongings are not returned. My lawyer loves cases like this too.

Christopher Robbins

2011 Hyundai sonata please help.

I’m looking for the person that bought the car from the auction in Lakewood Washington a 2011 Hyundai sonata full of everything that myself and boyfriend owned. We have been living in the car for months. I was lied to by Joanna the lady in the Lakewood office told me that the auction was not open to the public that it was only open to car dealerships only. So I bag the person that purchased it today 8:23/23 at the Lakewood auction to please contact me. My wallet my purse my driver’s license are all in those in that car I was told I could not get into the vehicle to collect my own belongings so I please beg you to contact me.

253-905-6155 thanks

Tiffany and jay


I’m looking for the person that purchased my vehicle at the auction in Lakewood it’s a 2011 Hyundai sonata and in that vehicle where’s everything myself and my boyfriend owned including both of our parents’ ashes so please if you know of or are the person that purchase the vehicle please contact me.

Thanks for any help.

Tiffany and jay

Job done quick to allow traffic to pass.

I can’t really say much about this company as my interaction was short. I was in an accident and AAA was taking their sweet time getting there. Sheriff pulled up and called this place to come tow my car. Shayne(I think is what his name is), from Puyallup location, came and quickly got myself and my car off the road. He finished getting my car hooked up once down the road and on flat ground. It was a sucky day but this guy went above and beyond his job title to make it not such a crappy experience.

Candice Killmer

Horrible Service

We got a call from APD that our stollen vehicle was recovered. We called Gene’s like the police said to, the woman that answered the phone was so rude. When asking her questions of where our vehicle was she stated that it was 4:30 am. Then she tells us she don’t have our vehicle we had to call APD back. Well we ended up showing up to the tow yard at 8:03 am and we walk in the lady at the from seat of the Puyallup location so was so rude. She said that I had to leave the office because I (the spouse) wasn’t the registered owner. This place is so unprofessional. I would never recommend using there services. If I could give them 0 stars I would.

Tasha Thomas

Customer service was great

Gina in the Puyallup office was very helpful! She had me in and out quickly, and was able to answer all of my questions about fees, etc.

Ashley Nold


Think about you and your service?




4. CORRUPT (unfair, and unethical)



Pyramid Inc.


Called around for estimates. Genes towing sounded like the best. Gave us an estimate per hour and I even asked if there was more to it then that. (was quoted for 3 hours) Told we would hear back for pick up time the next morning. I called the next morning after not hearing anything. They pushed pick up time until afternoon. I asked for an hour before pick time call. I didn’t get a call until 20 mins after driver was waiting. Then was told Id get call after truck was leaving my my truck attached. Didn’t get that either. The person who sold us the truck happen to be there and let me know it was on its way. the drop off seemed fine but when given the bill, it was about $300 more than quoted. I called the next day and spoke with owner for her to call me back. Still have yet to receive a call back.



genes towing offers fantastic services such as “TENANTS on vacation tow away service”
it includes: impounding your very own vehicle from your very own home[they know because your land owner is in association with genes]


Inclement Weather

Due to the inclement weather that affected the area, I had difficulty finding an available tow truck through AAA. It turned out that I was able to find one on my own, and Gene’s towing did an excellent job. Big kudos to Beth who took the information for the tow, and Jeremy who towed my vehicle. Both Beth and Jeremy were friendly, professional and efficient!

Deb P.

The Right Truck for the Right Job!

When I called I was told two to three hours for the next available truck. It was about 2.75 hours for the truck to arrive. When Jacob arrived, I was happy to see the truck he was in. It was the truck I thought was needed to tow my car without any more damage to the front end as one tire was straight and the other was turned all the way to the left! Great job by Jacob and the Gene’s Towing team!!

Thank you!

Bob R
Make It A Great Day!

Bob Ramsdall

410 and Traffic Ave in Sumner

My wife and I were broken down I hiway 410 in Sumner and we were barely off the road. Our insurance roadside assistance couldn’t find anyone and after two hours of waiting I called Genes. You dispatched a young man named Malcom that contacted us by phone and was at our location 15 minutes later. His very first concern was OUR safety and well-being. As soon as he analyzed the situation he made sure we were safe in his truck and checked his work to make sure everything was as it was supposed to be.
Malcolm was nothing short of courteous and respectful and very professional.
In short, keep him around, he’s an amazing young man.

Dan Dennis

Expect the best

Flawless service. Breakdown in pouring rain.Driver arrived ahead of schedule,dropped driveshaft,pulled truck out of the way of other truckers trying to park for the night to complete hookup. Delivered to dealer with no drama just pleasant,helpfull attitude from driver.

Don Marfia


Great, friendly, fast, and professional!! As soon as I called, help was on the way. Thank you Fitz!! 5 Stars!!


Praise for a Job WELL DONE!

Our pickup with truck camper on top blew a rear tire at speed northbound on I-5. We were sixty miles south of home – Gabe from Gene’s Towing brought a 16-ton Fitz Towing truck with a heavy duty jack. He was able to jack up the truck and put our spare on, then hooked up and towed our rig all the way home. We are safe, sound and so very satisfied with Gabe’s professionalism, kindness, expediency and general overall compassionate demeanor. I can’t recommend Gabe and Gene’s Towing enough! Thank you!

Rick and Melissa Deirick

My rating of Gene’s Towing

I called and scheduled an appointment to have my car towed to a Midas shop for some work. Gene’s towing was prompt, polite, and performed what was requested in a timely manner. I have nothing but good things to say about their service. I rate them a 5 starr.

James D from Bonney Lake, WA

Quick and efficient

Thank you so much for sending Joe out to pick up my vehicle…he made the process quick, easy and painless. Very professional and no nonsense.

Francine Rutherford

Super Service

From Beth’s friendly phone call and sincere, personal concern to driver Joe Taitano’s prompt and professional vehicle pick-up, I had nothing but superior service from Gene’s Towing. I will use this company again. Highly recommended you do too.

Donald D. Brock

Joe is great!

Thanks for sending Joe to pick up my car, he was friendly, professional, and helpful! And helped us navigate the process easily even with a few challenges we ran into!

Mary B

Service was great

Thank you Joe from genes towing. Great service!!

Lilah romero

Great Service

Scheduled car pickup for donation to charity. Joe called me to let me know he was on his way to get my car. Arrived promptly. Helped me fill out the paperwork and then he was off with my car. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Patricia Sobczyk

Great Service

Joe was very courteous and efficient. He was prompt and very helpful in getting my car onto the tow truck. He is an excellent representative for your company and should be commended for his service. Thanks,


Stan Leja

Good Drivers

Correction to my last comment, it was in 2020, not 2030 obviously.
The drivers are friendly and great. The lady handling our money in Tacoma, she needs to find a job outside of customer service.

Nicholas Wetz

Prompt and Professional

Joe (we believe out of Lakewood) came to move a car off our property that was no longer running. He was prompt, courteous, and professional. We would definitely use Gene’s Towing again and highly recommend Joe.

Dale Moysiuk

Great Service!

24 Hour service. Was there for me when I was in need.

Acacia Moore