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Tow Truck Federal Way

Local Tow Truck

Tow Truck Federal WayCalling a tow truck is generally not for an enjoyable cause but is sometimes necessary. If you’ve been in an accident, have a flat tire, or run out of gas calling a tow truck can help get you out of those unfortunate situations quickly and safely. At Gene’s Towing, we strive to provide the best towing experience for all of our customers, and that is why we have become a local favorite. For over 63 years our team has been helping Federal Way residents pull their car out of ditches, move across states, and even recover submerged vehicles from lakes. Gene’s Towing is not a one-trick pony when it comes to towing. We have a large fleet of tow trucks that are capable of handling every towing situation we encounter.

Expert Towing

Having been in the towing business since 1961, the team at Gene’s Towing has quite a bit of experience. We run like a well-oiled machine to respond quickly and handle every situation efficiently and professionally. In typical cases, our drivers can arrive on the scene within 30 minutes. We have 24/7 friendly dispatchers that can send an emergency tow truck wherever you are at any time of the night. All of our equipment, machinery, and vehicles stay up to date to ensure safety for all of our customers.

While you get your affairs in order, we are happy to store your vehicle in one of our secure storage facilities. That way you can relax, knowing your car is safe. All of our staff receive background checks to ensure they have clean driving records and reliable work histories. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for towing and transport. We don’t do all of this for ourselves; we do this for our customers. Having been in business since 1961, we know that having your customers trust is the best thing you can do for your company. And that is why we try to be the most reliable towing company around. Federal Way residents deserve a towing company that is trustworthy, experienced, and courteous. When you need a tow truck, it always helps to have a friendly smile helping you out.

Versatile Towing Fleet

Towing Recovery in Federal WayThere are a lot of situations in which a larger tow truck is required. Our fleet not only contains trucks for light-duty towing but we also have heavy-duty wreckers, lowboys, drop deck trailers, and flatbeds. Our team can provide any tow truck that is needed for the job. Lifting cars out of ditches, relocating construction equipment and transporting vehicles are all times when heavy-duty tow trucks would be necessary. Our drivers have gone through intense training to perform these tasks with precision and safety. Recovering and towing a semi-truck that has tipped over on the freeway requires a lot more skill and heavy-duty equipment than regular tow jobs.

Benefits of Gene’s Towing

Calling Gene’s Towing when you need a tow truck has more benefits to it than you would think. Considering that fact that Gene’s Towing has been doing this very thing for 63 years, the experience is just one of the many reasons to call us. Our extensive and versatile fleet that is capable of handling any towing situation is another great reason to give us a call.

But you can’t forget out the friendly, courteous staff that makes all the difference. When you need a tow truck in Federal Way, call Gene’s Towing, and you’ll see why we’ve been the local’s favorites since 1961.