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Towing Tacoma

Types of Tow Trucks

Towing TacomaMany different kinds of tow trucks are utilized for different scenarios. At Gene’s Towing in Tacoma we have a large fleet that contains all the necessary tow trucks and other equipment to help our customers out of any problem. Our large fleet allows us to provide towing services to anyone in need.

Flatbed Trucks

These are useful for a variety of situations. They are a good option for long transportation because the vehicle is secured on the bed and not behind towed behind for a long distance. The foundations of these trucks can be lowered at an angle so that the vehicle in need can be driven up onto the bed and secured. If the vehicle is immobile, the trucks are equipped with a winch to pull the vehicle onto the bed.

Hook And Chain Tow Truck

The classic truck that most people think of is the hook and chain tow truck. It has an arm that allows a vehicle to be hooked up and towed behind the truck. This method is versatile but not recommended for long distances.

Wheel Lift Trucks

These are similar to hook, and chain but they are equipped with a yoke that attached to the wheels of the vehicle and either tows it behind on the front wheels or the back wheels, depending on the type of vehicle being towed.

Boom Tow Trucks

These are equipped with a hydraulic arm used to lift vehicles out of tight spots. Some versions the arm is set in a fixed place on the truck, other the arm can pivot, and the heavy-duty boom trucks are small, mobile cranes.

Integrated Trucks

These are a combination between a boom and wheel lift tow trucks. These types of trucks are useful for all kinds of jobs, big and small. The arm of the truck is anchored into the trucks making them more stable for bigger jobs.

Tacoma Light Duty Towing

Our fleet is equipped to handle any situation, big or small. For flat tires, stalled engines or a simple flat tire call Gene’s Towing, and we will have one of our drivers dispatched to your location immediately. We will arrive and assist you with any roadside service that you need; fuel, flat tires, lockouts, or jump-starts. Our main goal is to help you in any way we can to get you going again.

Tacoma Heavy Duty Towing

Not all companies are equipped or trained to handle heavy-duty towing. But at Gene’s Towing we have drivers that are specialists in handling all kinds of heavy-duty situations. With extensive training and the proper equipment to safely tow your trucks, machinery, and other large vehicles.

Benefits of Gene’s Towing

Tow Trucks in TacomaWhen car issues arise, sometimes our first thought is to call a friend or family member. But in most situations, our friends and family don’t have the training, skills, or equipment to help sufficiently. That’s where a professional towing company comes in handy.

It’s not uncommon for car accidents to happen, and sometimes they happen in remote locations; deer in the road, black ice or falling asleep at the wheel. They can all leave you in an undesirable situation. But Gene’s Towing in Tacoma is available 24/7 all year long for these kinds of circumstances. Not only do we have tow trucks standing by at all hours of the day and night but you can be assured that our drivers will get to you as quickly as possible. Car issues are never fun for anyone, and we don’t want you to have to suffer for any longer than is necessary.

Another reason to call Gene’s Towing is that our drivers have years of training, proper licensing, and high-quality equipment. This allows them to arrive on the scene, asses the situation, and handle it accordingly. If you need to be towed to a particular destination, we can do that. If you need roadside services, we can do that too. One of the best reasons to call Gene’s Towing is that we can store your vehicle in a secure storage facility. Leaving your car on the side of the road presents numerous potential dangers and should be avoided if possible. With Gene’s Towing you won’t ever have to worry about being stranded again.